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Easy school fundraiser, Summer Enrichment Camps and Fun At-Home Retention Tools


We strongly recommend the COMMON CORE ALIGNED Summer Bridge Activities books for all WNY schools and students.  They align perfectly with Monkey See, Monkey Do ... Summer Enrichment Camps.


The Summer Bridge Activities best-selling summer workshop series are the #1 brand trusted by parents for over 15 years.  Used by millions of children to strengthen skills and build confidence & self-esteem, they are designed for pre-school through 8th grade.  The series emphasizes reading, writing, math and language arts exercises with added focus on science, social studies, fitness and character development.


If your school currently does not offer Summer Bridge Activities books to all families, we encourage you to ask your PTO/PTA to contact Monkey See, Monkey Do ... to start this quick and easy Fundraising program:


  • 20% of all sales realized as profit to the PTO/PTA (or you may choose to extend the discount to families in lieu of the fundraiser).

  • Meet order deadline to ensure delivery before end of school year.

  • FREE delivery to your school.

  • FREE Custom Order Form for your school.

  • School PTO/PTA or Monkey See, Monkey Do ... can handle payments from parents.


Contact us today 204-8417 to get started!!



Research shows that, on average, children can lose 2.8 months of grade-level equivalency skills over their summer vacation.


  • COLOR-CODED sections for ease of use.

  • EXAMPLES help guide parents and children through the activities.

  • HALF-PAGE exercises make it easy for children to complete activities on their own.  There's still time for play!

  • SKILL HEADINGS highlihg teh subject areas of each exercise, giving children well-rounded practice.

  • FITNESS FLASH appears regularly throughout the sections to remind children that a healthy body is as important as a healthy mind.

  • SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS are easy and safe to do using common household objects and materials.


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