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We partner with schools to provide books, author experiences, book fairs, after-school literacy clubs and unique literary events throughout the school-year.

School/Student Book Orders

  • 20% discount on books; larger discounts for volume orders

  • We accept Purchase Orders and Blanket POs

  • No sales tax with sales tax-exemption forms


  • Summer Reading - we provide 20% off all required student reading books and provide online book forms

  • Summer Workbooks/Bridge Books 

  • Online book order forms for author events/programs


IT'S EASY!! Call 204-8417 or email: the following information:


  1. Book Title and/or ISBN

  2. Author

  3. Quantity

Author Experiences 

We help:

  • Establish author experiences for your school/classrooms - in-person or virtual  anytime during the year.

  • Provide an online order form for families to order books pre-event for signing.

Program Partnerships

  • Book Fairs

  • Book Club Bundles

  • After-School Literacy Clubs offered on-site includes books, instructor, book journals and bookmarks

  • Custom literacy events - we provide unique programs based on books including story-reading, activities and interactive book discussions.

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