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Curative Reading is a new medicine based on the neurobiology of health using the power of story and connection to enhance wellbeing for people and the natural world.  The eight-week Summer Series teaches the therapeutic benefits of reading for the brain, body, and overall health while participants read a piece of good literary fiction slowly over time. Guided weekly 75-minute gatherings offer support to anyone seeking to spark their imagination while moving through challenging change and transition. Participants read 30+ pages of a novel each week and answer written questions in advance of each gathering. They also receive weekly Curative Reading Prescriptions with health tips from experts in fields of medicine, science, literature, nature, and more.  


Selected Novel: The Jane Austen Society by Natalie Jenner

Cost: $175 (Includes A Special Author’s Appearance Week 8)

The online series begins the week of July 11th and runs for eight weeks on Either Tuesdays 1 pm or Thursdays 7 pm

Learn more about Catherine Brooks, Literary Apothecary and Founder of Curative Readinghere.